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This ‘About Me’ page is a powerful interaction with you to leverage my thoughts, knowledge, power, and perspective to transform your financial life.
Do you face problems while managing your money?
Are you confused about how to start saving, investing, and all those nitty-gritty of personal finance?
No problem. You are not alone. There are millions of people like you. However, a few people try to get out of it and make the next morning something special. Fortunately, you are among those few people. You are special because you try to get out of that hell.
I don’t know how you landed on the page, but I know that you want to do something better for you. You want the problems of money to be a thing of the past. You want to master the game of money: not become a victim of it.


About me

I used to have a lazy approach to money. However, life taught me a great lesson when I got Vasculitis and had to go through multiple surgeries within a year. It broke me physically, emotionally, and, most importantly, financially. However, I tried to get out of hell and worked hard. My life pushed me hard, but I bounced back with more power and vigor.

I sincerely thank my doctors – Dr. Kaliprasad Satapathy, Dr. Ambika Prasad Dash, and Dr. Ajit Kumar Surin for the next version of my life. My colleagues, friends, relatives, neighbors, students, teachers, and my family stood with me during those critical days and wished for my life. I am obliged to all these beautiful people for their wishes and support.

However, a question arises?

Why You Should Join WIth Me?

Join with Me

I learned a lot of things in my life, mostly about money. I will share it with you to not know those things in a problematic way; the way I learned.
Finlessons was created in 2020 to empower you to manage your own money without help from others. You will get tons of practical wisdom on saving, investing, budgeting, insurance, mutual funds, stocks, etc. You can even share your personal questions, and I will reply to those queries as soon as possible.
I will transform your life so that you can create more value for your society. That’s my promise to you.
In a short span, finlessons has delivered value to more people than imagined. It gives me immense pleasure when someone says that my initiatives have created something magic in their life, and they have become more responsible and caring towards the people they live.
It adds more responsibilities for me to work more towards a more significant cause and help more people on the way. There are thousands of websites to help you right now in the matter of finance. However, finlessons stand out among others regarding its straightforward approach towards personal finance and the most important thing – a personal touch to your problems.
Thus, I hope you will join me to transform your life along with others.
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